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Flow form,Bisque Hollywood, Bisque Hot Hoop, Bisque Hot Spring, Bisque La Scala, Bisque Petrus
Bisque Seta, Bisque X-Sream, Bisque Zanzibar, Bisque Radiator valves, Towel rails.

Acova Escale, Acova Spectra, Acova Regate, Acova cala chrome, Acova Multi column, Acova Atol,  Acova Palma, Acova Alizea, Acova Neptune, Acova Clipper, Acova Soleo, Acova Orfeo Spa, Altima Spa, Acova Yucca Asymmmetrical Symmetrical, Acova Fassane Mirror, Fassane Horizontal Vertical, Acova Greenwich, Acova Multicolumn, Acova Striane vertical Horizontal, Acova Keva, Acova Altai, Acova Striane Onda, Acova Altima Exclusive, Acova Altima Onda Exclusive, Acova Orfeo Vertical Horizontal, Acova Radiator valves, Towel rails, Faral aluminium, Dual energy and electric options, Ral colour options.

Bodart & Gonay Soft heating system, Bodart & Gonay Cosmos 100, Bodart & Gonay Cosmos 145, Bodart & Gonay Helios, Bodart & Gonay Solaris, Bodart & Gonay InFire, Bodart & Gonay Optifire.

Platonic collection by legend fires, Platonic Firescape, Firestrata, Smartscape, Platonic shelf, Mondrian,Palladio, Platonic Wings of Flame,Platonic Olympus

Verine Vertex, Verine Belvoir, Verine Marcello, Verine Fontana, Verine Atina, Verine Matrix Flame, Verine Marino, Verine Navelli, Verine Quartz Rapport,Verine Delta 4 Trim, Verine Dancing Flames 120, 150, 200, Fera 140.
Verine Carmelo, flame only , Verine Cupello Flueless hole-in-the-wall style fire,Finishes: Graphite Grey, Cream Stone or Antique Bronze brushed steel inner trim, chimney types: class 1, class 2, prefabricated,powerflue or balanced flue, Bespoke made to order dancing flame open front ribbon flame fire.

Barbas Balanced Flue Gas, Woodburning, Barbas Vento 130 , Vento 80, Vento 70, Vento 60, Vento 50, Frame A, B
Barbas Sarrano, Salerno, Tunnel, Built in wood fires,  Barbas Unica Eco 1050, Eco 75, Barbas Gas trays Perma air, Barbas Escamo, Unilux 75, Cuattro tunnel, Rondo.

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valor tranquility, valor envy, valor quattro, valor icon, valor quantum, baxi decadent, baxi minima, baxi heritage.Flamerite electric fires, crystal fires

platonic collection designed by Arcitect Henry Harrison made by Legend fires, platonicsmartscape, platonic firestrata, platonic firescape, platonic wings of flame, platonic mondrian, platonic shelf, platonic palladio, platonic olympus.Legend Mondrian electric fires

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Gazco Evolution Fires, Infiniti, Progress, Bauhaus, Richmond, Holyrood, Spanish, VFC tapered fires, Stockton, Marlborough, Clarendon, Ashdon, Brunel, Regency, Ceramica, Steel Manhattan, F40 Avanti, Brunel, Ashdon, powered flue.

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Hase akaba,hase loggia forum,hase akaba, hase modena, hase borgo, hase bari, hase corso, hase luno,hase husum,hase kairo odeon ceramic pellett stove stuv 15, stuv 21, stuv 30,stuv 60 with rust colour frame

Jotul atrafire,jotul f250,jotul f350,jotul 100,f220,f273,jotul 160 inset wood burner. Dovre astroline,dovre diamond,dovre prisma,dovre 250cb, dovre 1cb,2cb,dovre 350cb 360cb

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faber relax xl,verine vertex platina black antique bronze effect frame,gazco studio 2 link frame,gazco studio 3, brilliant fires newdawn colours of corian

M-Design Luna Gold+ Lifting door woodburning fires and stoves M-Design Luna 700H Gold+,M-Design Luna 850H Gold+,
M-Design Luna 1000H Gold+,M-Design Luna 1150H Gold+,M-Design Luna 1300H Gold+,
M-Design Luna 550V Gold+,M-Design Luna 1000V Gold+,M-Design Luna 1150V Gold+
M-Design Luna Gold+ double sided doublefaced Lifting door woodburning fires and stoves
M-Design Luna 850DV Gold+,M-Design Luna 1000DV Gold+,M-Design Luna 850DH Gold+ M-Design Luna 1150DH Gold+,
M-Design Venus 700,M-Design Venus 850,M-Design Venus 1000,
M-Design Venus 700HT,M-Design Venus 850HT,M-Design Venus 1000HT,
M-Design Woodburning stoves Bolzano,M-Design Woodburning stoves Trento Quatro,
M-Design Woodburning stoves Trento Rondo,
M-Design Luna Gold Gas fires,
M-Design Luna 1000H Gold Gas,M-Design Luna 1150H Gold Gas,
M-Design Luna 1300H Gold Gas,M-Design Luna 1600H Gold Gas
M-Design Luna Gold double sided doublefaced gas fires
M-Design Luna 1000DH Gold Gas,M-Design Luna 1150DH Gold Gas,M-Design Luna 1300DH Gold Gas,M-Design Luna 1600DH Gold Gas,M-Design Luna 850DV Gold Gas,
M-Design Luna 1300DK Gold Gas
Xen-design woodburning fires,Xen-design gas fires,Xen-design woodburning stoves,
Bellfires slidebell,Metaloterm twin wall insulated flue system,stuv woodburning fires